Artist Profiles

All the art in our auction has been generously donated by artists who have been involved in Modern Fuel during our 31 years of operation or have shown pieces in our gallery space. We very much appreciate their continual support.

Simon Andrew
Midway Country Motel and Pool (2008)
24”x36” Photography
Min Bid $500 unframed, Bids greater than $700 frame included.
Retail Value $700

Simon Andrew studied science at Queen’s University and holds an MFA from Newcastle University U.K. He is most known for the art produced for a Mel Gibson film and a Tragically Hip album cover. Awards include: The Lawrence Atwell Scholarship Award for Painting from Skinners Hall, London. U.K., several arts council grants, a full fellowship award from The Vermont Studio Center, first prize (Northern Region) for his work in The Laing National Art Competition, London U.K., & The Hunting Group Contemporary Art Competition, U.K. Simon has had numerous solo shows in Canada and abroad and is in individual and corporate collections.

Rebecca Anweiler
Untitled #17 (2008)
2 panels 12”x 20”, oil on canvas
Min Bid$ 350 Retail Value $500

Rebecca Anweiler completed her MFA in Painting at Concordia University in 2000 and has received numerous awards for her work including both Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council Grants. She has taught both Drawing and Painting at Concordia University and the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, and has been teaching sessionally at Queen’s University for the last five years. Her background in biology and education have influenced her art practice, where she investigates the cultural meanings underlying representations of sexuality and nature in educational and scientific systems. Her lastest body of work, Manifestations of a Different Nature, represent an attempt at groping with the sublime in our times, these works were exhibited in December of 2008 in a solo exhibition at David Kaye Gallery in Toronto. Anweiler exhibits regularly in Kingston, Toronto and Montreal, and her paintings are in numerous private and several public collections including the City of Toronto, the University of Lethbridge Art Collection, and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

Jo Anne Balcaen
Concert Posters (Set of 3 or individually)
22.5”x 15”, silkscreen on Somerset paper
Set of 3 Min Bid $ 75 Retail Value $ 225
Individually Min Bid $ 30 Retail Value $ 75

Jo-Anne Balcaen is a Montreal-based artist working primarily in video, sculpture and installation. Her work examines the commercialization of desire through popular culture, and how this creates an inflated sense of expectation. Her recent focus has been the relationship between popular music and obsessive female fandom. Since 1995, Balcaen has exhibited her work in venues throughout Quebec, Canada, Europe, and the US.

Shayne Dark
In Due Time
96”x 40”x 108”, wood and pigment
Min Bid $3000 Retail Value $10 000

Shayne Dark has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada and the United States since he began his artistic career in the mid 1980’s. Dark creates mainly sculptural works which draw upon and focuses the physical and perceptual experience of the world. His works often evoke the contrast between urban settings and the natural world, they are meant to stimulate a spiritual or visceral reaction in the viewer. Among other large commissions and prizes, Darke represented Canada at an official exhibit accompanying the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Ben Darrah
Borderline (2008)
10”x 8” acrylic and collage on funky camo fabric
Min Bid $180 Retail Value $ 360

Ben Darrah is a visual artist whose work focuses on the poetic nature of colour, form and texture and orphaned cultural references. Inspired by our relationship with nature and the amusing way in which we borrow images of nature to reinforce our cultural identity, Darrah is both questioning and celebrating this relationship. Adept in a range of media, Darrah’s work incorporates painting, assemblage, installation, print and photography. As well as teaching, Darrah curates and writes about art. He lives in Kingston, Ontario and is represented by Gallery at 129 Ossington.

Dave Gordon
Sky Elephants over R.M.C 2008
24”x30” acrylic on canvas
Min Bid $500 Retail Value $1000

Dave Gordon was born in London Ontario and moved to Kingston in 1976. In London he was part of a lively scene that included nationally acclaimed artists such as Greg Curnoe, Murray Favro and Paterson Ewen. He was a founding member of the Kingston Artist’s Association, Inc. in 1977. His work is in the collections of The National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canada Council Art Bank and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, among others. His work can be seen online at

Dorene Inglis
The Shainghai Hotel
11×26, ink
Min Bid $200 Retail Value $300

This work is one of a series of drawings done  in China and based on east/west attitudes.   It is based on a photo in the Shanghai People’s Daily newspaper. Here, the grandaughter of Su Yat-sen, the forerunner of the Chinese revolution,  makes merry with western movie stars at a film opening.

Dorene Inglis has lived and worked in Kingston for the past nine years. Working in various media she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and lived in Italy and China. Her work is in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Sandra Jass
Purple Flower
22”x14” framed, acrylic on matte board
Min Bid $180 Retail Value $350

Sandra Jass has exhibited in Kingston since 1991. She is a past president of Kingston Artists Association Inc. (now Modern Fuel), Organization of Kingston Women Artists, and CARFAC-Ontario, where she also sat on the national board of directors. Painting, drawing, mixed media, new media, installation, & performance are all part of her practice.

Sandra writes: “The piece “Purple Flower” is from a series of Kingston Waterfront themed landscapes from the mid 90’s, almost all of which have sold. This one has been hanging in my kitchen for 7 years! The flowers were blooming in the fall, behind the faculty club at Queen’s University, and as I cut through on my way to the waterfront, and I was so moved by their splendour that I immediately painted a portrait of one! I am not one to often paint flowers, but, this work is one of my favourites!”

Dave Kempdavekemp-untitled-1-20083
Untitled #1 & #2
9.25” by 13.25” Archival inkjet print
Min Bid $150 Retail Value $150

Dave Kemp is a visual artist currently living in Toronto, Canada whose art practice looks at the intersections and interactions between art, science and technology – particularly at how these fields shape our perception and understanding of the world. Dave is a graduate from the Master of Visual Studies program at the University of Toronto where he also completed the Collaborative program in Knowledge Media Design. Prior to this, he earned an Image Arts (photography) BFA from Ryerson University and his BScE in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University.

Melanie MacDonald
Silverware on Stainless (2007)
30”x36” acrylic on canvas
Min Bid $450 Retail Value $800

Melanie MacDonald lives and works in downtown St. Catharines, ON. She is an active member of the Niagara Artists’ Centre and a member of the CRAM collective (both located in St. Catharines) Most recently, she was selected as an emerging artist for publication in the Magenta Foundation’s “Carte Blanche II”–a book that features the work of 180 contemporary Canadian painters (released Autumn 2008). Examples of her work can be viewed at

don-maynard-blue-river-2006Don Maynard
Blue River Series (2006)
22”x72” encaustic, pure pigment
Min Bid $5200 Retail Value $8200

Don writes: “I live and work in Kingston, Ontario. My most recent work has been large scale, site-specific installations. My pieces frequently address political and environmental concerns, such as environmental degradation and its political ramifications, and human rights issues.“
“I often use industrial materials to create works that examine these ideas and issues. My practice involves utilizing the detritus of the modern world; I transform the cast-off material of society into work that makes reference to nature and natural phenomena. I am interested in light, in the manipulation of space and form, and am drawn to the aesthetic qualities intrinsic in the materials I use, so that in my work the materials have meaning in themselves, both aesthetically and conceptually.”

Pat McDermott
Thread (2000)
6”x6”x1” wax on MDF
Min Bid $150 Retail Value $450
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Pat McDermott works primarily in encaustic and has been living in Kingston for 8 years.

Benjamin Nelson
14”x17”, silkscreened canvas
Min Bid $100 Retail Value $200

Nelson is a designer and silkscreen printer from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Upon his disillusionment with completely technology based studies at Humber College, Toronto, he began a regimen of self-education in handmade design and print work.

Daniel Olson
In Memoriam (2008)
4”x 6” typed text on photo
Min Bid $200 Retail Value $200

Enfant terrible of the art world, Daniel Olson, among other things, makes small works with big impact! He was part of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in 2008 with a perfomative installation. You can find his full bio at

Erika Olson
Lick My Culture #5
30”x36” oil on canvas
Min Bid $1000 Retail Value $1000

Represented by the Sandra Whitton Gallery
Erika has been living and exhibiting in Kingston for many years, and is a perennial favorite in Kingston private collections.

rettigbreathvoicegraciousness4Ted Rettig
breath, voice and graciousness #4 (2007)
Mixed Media
Min Bid $300 Retail Value $300
100% Donation to Modern Fue


Voice and Evocation #1 (2007)
Mixed media
Min Bid $200 Retail Value $200
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Ted Rettig was born in 1949 in West Germany. He received BA Hon. Visual Art in ’74 from York University, and his MFA in ’77. He has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1974. He works in the areas of sculpture / installation, drawing, photo/text pieces, bookworks, multiples and recently video. His works are in the collections of The Art Gallery of Ontario, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, St. Michael’s College, the Canada Council Art Bank, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Glenbow Museum in Calgary and other public and private collections. He teaches in the Department of Art at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. His work is represented by Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto. Many images and more information are available at

Milly Ristvedt
Change Collage
16”x 16” acrylic, canvas and panel
Min Bid $1800 Retail $3600

Milly lives in Tamworth Ontario. She is in many corporate and private collections and has had numerous solo and group shows across Canada, in the USA and in France. Many images and more information is available at

Chantal Rousseau
And Now Let Us Weep For The Lovely Ladies of CSI
10”x 10” oil on canvas
Min Bid $250 Retail Value $250
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Chantal Rousseau’s practice includes painting, drawing, video and animation. She has exhibited in various artist-run centres and galleries including Modern Fuel, Kingston (2008), Forest City Gallery, London Ontario (2008), Artspace, Peterborough (2007), The New Gallery, Calgary (2006), La Centrale, Montreal (2002), Mercer Union, Toronto (2002), and Latitude 53, Edmonton (2001). Rousseau completed her MFA at the University of Guelph in 2005 and is Modern Fuel’s newest board member.

Preston Schiedel
Woolen Mill (2004)
Min Bid $500 unframed, bids greater than $700 frame included
Retail Value $700
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Preston Schiedel writes: I have been involved in the art of photography form by working in a commercial studio in Kitchener, attaining a BFA and graduate studies, opening a photography business, receiving a teaching degree in art, and teaching photography and art at high school, college, and university levels, all while trying to keep producing my own creative work.

For me, photography has always been a way of exploring not the world around me, even though the so called “realism” of the image does depict something that existed before the lens, rather, it is a means of questioning and formulating my existence on this planet. That sounds a bit far fetched, but I have a need to satisfy a number of internal questions.

Most of my work to date has centered on the interaction between humankind and nature and could be read in a number of different ways, as pure landscape, as documents of a place, or as cultural material. I use a 12×20” banquet camera for the b/w contact prints, and a 4×5” camera for the color work, which is then scanned and printed digitally

Su Sheedy
Horizons (2008)
12”x12”x 2” encaustic on plywood
Min Bid $100 Retail Value $200
Represented by the Sandra Whitton Gallery

Working for 20 years a Registered Massage Therapist and owner of her own Health clinic, Su Sheedy took a one day encaustic workshop which triggered the beginning of her new career. She fell instantly in love with beeswax as a medium. “I love the smell and the texture, and the way it holds pigment and diffuses light.” Su has been a full time Encaustic artist since 2001 and has exhibited in Chicago, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Prince Edward County, and Kingston. As a material based artist, she enjoys mixing encaustic with other mediums. Pressed tin, carded wool, corrugated steel, and birch bark are a few of the materials she is working with. In Kingston she has participated in numerous group shows including Kingston Arts Council, Organization of Kingston Women Artists, Studio 22, Agnes Etherington Art Centre Rental and Sales Gallery, Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre, and Sandra Whitton Gallery.

Gabrielle Sims
24”x 24” acrylic on canvas
Min Bid $400 Retail Value $500
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Gabrielle Sims holds degrees in Art History and Fine Art from Queens University. She has exhibited her work at the McIntosh Gallery, London On, The Gladstone, Toronto On, the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery and Modern Fuel Gallery in Kingston On. Her work appears in public and pivate collections in Canada, the States and Europe such as the Art Bank, Canada Council, Middlemarsh Press Toronto, and Colgate Paris France. She works in video installation, painting and drawing.

Rebecca Soudant
Rhetoric History of Canada (2008)
Mixed Media
Min Bid $150 Retail Value $500
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

A prolific artist in paint, print, and textile mediums, Rebecca currently has a show entitled History of Canada in the State of Flux Gallery at Modern Fuel. Rebecca is a member of The Artel, and teaches art in Smith Falls, Ontario.

Amy Uyeda
Untitled (2008)
22”x 30”, Lithograph
Min Bid $40 Retail Value $150
Untitled (2008)
15”x22”, Lithograph
Min Bid $25 Retail Value $100

Amy Uyeda is from Toronto and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree at Queen’s University, majoring in printmaking. Using colour lithography as her medium of choice, she uses reductions with acid and paper cut-outs to allow for blending and layering of colour in these prints using imagery from foliage.

Lisa Visser
Waterfront View (2008), Bath House (2008), and Alexander Henry (2008)
6”x 9” photography
Min Bid $50 unframed, Bids greater than $80 frame included
Retail Value $100

Visser graduated in 2006 from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In order to avoid making any major life decisions, she got a cat and stayed in Kingston. Interests include, art, animals, you.

Scott Wallis
Colour Study No 13 (2008)
8.75” x 10.5” Mixed Media
Min Bid $750 Retail Value $750
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Scott has had numerous solo and group shows and is in a number of private and corporate collections.

Bill Weedmark
53.7 cents
24.5” x 19” framed, photography
Min Bid $200 Retail Value $350
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Bill has worked in photography in Toronto and now Kingston for many years. He has been a part of Contact, Toronto’s annual premiere photo exhibit.

Lynne Wynick
Modern Fuel as Joseph Legare Painting with Flame
8.5”x11”, ink jet print on photo paper
Min Bid $ 75 Retail Value $75
100% Donation to Modern Fuel

Lynne Wynick is a director of the Wynick/Tuck Gallery in Toronto. She recently completed the Independent Studio Program at the Toronto School of Art. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally.


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