Silent Auction Art Preview

Art generously donated by Kingston and Canadian artists will be on display and open for silent bidding at Aroma Restro-Winebar from January 16th to Jan 24th. Bidding closes at 9pm on January 24th.

Please note that the minimum bidding increment is $10 and is higher for some pieces.

If you are unable to attend the silent auction in person but would still like to place a bid we encourage you to contact us at Modern Fuel and we can place bids for you.


2 Responses to Silent Auction Art Preview

  1. Paul Collins says:

    I would like to bid ($35) on Jo-Anne Balcaen’s Concert Poster, but what is the the format, medium, ect.

    Paul Collins

  2. Hi Paul,
    We would be happy to place a bid for you on Jo Anne Balcaen’s concert posters.
    You have a choice of bidding on a series of three different posters for a min bid of $75 or of bidding on individual posters for $30. Unfortunately I don’t have images of the other two posters. If you are in Kingston you could go check them out at Aroma Restro-winebar.

    They are 22.5x 15 and are silkscreened on somerset paper. We just put them up yesterday and I think they are quite lovely. The paper is very heavy and has a beautiful texture.

    If you are still interested in bidding, send us an email at with your full contact information. Please note that it is not within our budget to cover the cost of shipping.

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