Jazz Duo at Good Tastes

We are very excited to have renowned vocal Jazz Duo Sara Hamilton and David accompanying our Good Tastes dinner. The duo have produced tasty, swinging jazz for the past three decades in Toronto and Calgary, and have won rave reviews from jazz fans around the world.

“Sara Hamilton’s voice is a divinely husky, rich contralto that effuses warmth and intimacy. A masterful storyteller, her laid-back delivery is smooth and flawless, leaving tons of breathing room to create the perfect balance of tension and release that melds with her combined elements of delicacy and strength… David’s piano is the cornerstone of the sound, inspiring the hard swinging feel that is the mark of this recording, and the backbone for the guest musicians to build their dynamic presence upon. ….The duo’s signature is found in their intricate vocal dance as they perform their harmony and unison work, the timbres of their individual voices an ideal pairing .” – Reviewed by Cindy McLeod of Jazz Elements

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